Shine and be part in changing People’s Life

Suitable for Students, Individuals, Couples, Families, Friends or Colleagues

You’re a successful student or a professional?

Join our Childhood & Childcare Project and help children develop their personality and be prepared to evolve in a more structured learning environment.

You are a talented artist or just like to practice arts?

Join our Arts & Culture Project. Share your passion or culture and make an  impact on people’s personal development.

You are dynamic, open-minded and like to get your hands dirty?

Join our Sustainable Agriculture & Berber Immersion Project and help promoting sustainable agriculture while sharing the Berber rural daily life and culture.

You have skills or knowledge you would like to share?

Join our Training & Teaching Skills Project and help underprivileged people gain self-confidence and improve their learning and living conditions.

You’re passionate about sports or skilled in a physical activity?

Join our Sport Coaching & Wellbeing Project. Coaching underprivileged local children or young people will certainly please you.

Five raisons to volunteer with us