Volunteer Art & Culture
Volunteer Art & Culture

Arts & Culture Project

Covid-19: Mission compatible with current health rules

Are you a passionate artist? Would you like to build an intercultural bridge and share passions, experiences and culture with young Moroccans? Contribute to their personal development and help them express their passion or build their professional project by leading online workshops at your own pace and from home.

By participating in the Arts and Culture project, you will have the opportunity to organize artistic initiation workshops (music, painting, drawing, design of handicrafts, recycling, etc.) involving children or young people mostly from underprivileged or income limited environment. You can also plan themed activities to help them discover your own customs and traditions (costumes, songs and dances, crafts, cooking, etc.). This will not only bring a positive change in their life by developing their creativity, their open-mindedness and their personality, but also, possibly, allow them to acquire skills that could help them generate income and improve their living conditions.

This volunteering program is particularly suitable for Artists aged 18 and over, having:

  • Particular taste for contact with young people
  • Good relationship,
  • Skills in creativity, initiative, listening and communication,
  • Strong desire to transmit and share,
  • Openness to cultural diversity,
  • Ability to work independently.

In country or online, you will work to a flexible timing that suits both you and your team members. Your schedule may also be adjusted based on local conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

In return, you will gain valuable personal and professional enrichment opportunities such as:

  • Deepening and exchanging art related knowledge
  • Sharing/gaining practical skills in raising awareness of the importance of art in social development
  • Sharing/gaining practical skills in producing a variety of online and offline art related resources
  • Boosting your academic background and your employability
  • Enjoying our Discovery & Immersion Activities (trips, guided cultural visits, Moroccan cooking classes, cultural meetings and entertainment, Berber music and costumes, etc.) that we organize in country and online.

Practicing an artistic activity has a considerable impact on personal development. However, not everyone have the chance or opportunity to access it. Thus, Youssr’s Arts & Culture project aims to contribute to the development of underprivileged people. In addition, it is an excellent way to bring cultures closer, discover and understand the other.

By participating in our Arts & Culture project, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge and passions by organizing artistic initiation workshops (music, painting, drawing, craft design, recycling, etc.) involving children or young people. You can also plan themed activities to make them discover your own customs and traditions (costumes, songs and dances, handicrafts, cooking, etc.). This can not only bring about positive change in their lives by developing their creativity, openness and personality, but also enable them to acquire skills that could help them generate income and improve their living conditions.

This volunteer program is particularly suitable for young people aged 18 and over, traveling alone, as a couple, family or group.

Your schedule is flexible, but you should be ready to work from Monday to Friday, between 3 and 6 hours a day with lunch breaks. It can also be modified according to local conditions or unforeseen circumstances. For your free time or weekends, we can help you organizing visits or trips to discover Marrakech, its surroundings or the nearby cities.

Project Technical Sheet

Country of action: Morocco

Location:  Marrakech and surroundings

Duration: Minimum: 1 week – Maximum: 24 weeks

  • Our projects start the first and third Monday of each month.
  • It’s recommended to arrive to Marrakech at least one day before your start date.
  • The first Sunday night and last Friday night are included in your package.
  • We can help you arrange extra nights including meals and accommodation with your host family before of after your project dates.
For the success of your experience, you are expected to:
  • Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability
  • Take initiative and have a positive attitude
  • Be creative, patient, sympathetic and understanding.
  • Minimum age: 18 years old. If you are under 18 years old on the program start date, you should provide the permission of your legal guardian(s) and be accompanied by an adult.
  • Maximum age: no limits
  • A copy of a recent Criminal Background Check,
  • A copy of your passport,
  • A copy of your travel insurance,
  • Proof that you have been fully vaccinated against Covid 19 in your country,
  • A negative PCR test taken less than 48 hours before boarding the plane.
  • These documents can be presented either in English, Arabic or French.
  • Contribution alongside engaged organizations to social development of low-income populations,
  • Sharing passions and knowledge while developing or affirming your personal and communicative skills,
  • Organizing educational, arts or community engagement and citizenship activities,
  • Going back in time along the alleys and souks of the old medina of Marrakech and discover its secret charms,
  • Immersion in the rich and multi-secular Moroccan double culture Amazigh (Berber) and Arab,
  • Discovering the beauty and natural diversity of Morocco: day trips to Essaouira, Ourika Valley or Ouarzazate, Amazigh (Berber) experience and hiking in the High Atlas Mountains, camel ride to see the sunset in the Sahara Desert’s sand dunes and spend a night in a camp etc,
  • Opportunity to enjoy a variety of trips and activities in and around Marrakech such as yoga, tai chi, cultural sight seeing, Moroccan cooking classes, food tours, cultural evenings, camel or quad ride in Marrakech palm grove, bride henna tattoo ceremony etc.,
  • Learning or developing skills in Modern Standard Arabic, Moroccan Darija or French,
  • Benefit from our availability 24/7 to ensure a Moroccan Experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.
  • Closest airport: Marrakech Menara Airport.
  • Pick ups are provided from/to Marrakech Airport or Marrakech Train Station. A member of Al Youssr’s staff will meet you and provide transportation to your host families.

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  • You need to take appropriate international travel insurance for the duration of your stay to be covered in case of suddenillness or injury, cancellation, loss of luggage or theft.
  • You are expected to send us a copy of your travel insurance for confirmation of your application.

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Depending on your arrival details, a member of Al Youssr’s staff will greet you at the airport and pick you up to your homestay. During the orientation, we will provide you with useful information on Moroccan culture and way of life, volunteer tips, best transportation options, useful phrases in Arabic and French, leisure activities and top recommended sites in the city etc. Our team will be happy to answer all the questions you might have about your project.

We will also help you change money, get a Moroccan SIM card (if your phone is unlocked) or buy a phone and orient you to your new environment: closest grocery store, pharmacy, transport etc.

On your first volunteer day, a member of our team will meet you at your homestay and accompany you to your placement. Once there, we will introduce you to your work team and you will have a proper orientation to make sure that you feel comfortable with your project and schedule. We are also available 24/7, please feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.

1 week: USD285

2 weeks: USD257 /week

3 weeks: USD243 /week

4 to 24 weeks: USD256 /week

Note: All our programs attract a Registration Fee of USD199 on top of the Program Fee to confirm your application. 

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us for more information.