Al Youssr Association Volunteer Program 

Terms and Conditions

Welcome and thank you for volunteering with Al Youssr! 

Al Youssr Association for Social Development (hereinafter referred to as  » Al Youssr « ) provides you with volunteer services subject to the following conditions. If you book a program with us, you agree to these terms. Please read them carefully.


Al Youssr does not organize flights nor prepares travels to and from Morocco. This is entirely your responsibility. When Al Youssr makes suggestions or provides information on travel organization, it is that as indicative. You are solely responsible for preparing all the travel documents (flights, passport, visa, health requirements, etc.) necessary for your trip. Please check with the Moroccan Embassy or Consulate in your country and with your country’s health services well in advance of your trip.

In addition, Al Youssr cannot be held responsible if entry to Morocco is refused for any reason beyond our control and determined by the immigration authorities.

Registration fees 

Registration fees are required to process and confirm your application. Your participation in a program cannot be confirmed until registration fees are fully paid. These fees that allow us to block the dates of your placement and your accommodation are not refundable under any circumstances.

Program Fees

The program fees correspond to the expenses related to your stay in Morocco and are detailed in the descriptive sheets of our projects. Payment of these fees is due no later than forty (40) days before the start of your project. For reservations made to less than forty (40) days, payment is due immediately on the date of acceptance of your application and at the latest twenty-one (21) days before the start of your project. Failure to pay may result in loss of your place in the program without refund of registration fees. Program fees are subject to change without notice, but this does not affect participants who have already paid their registration fees at the time of the change. Registration fees and program fees are not transferable to other people.

We pay close attention to the smooth running of our programs, however, it is important that participants remain flexible. Exceptionally, things may change on short notice and independently of our will. In this case, appropriate alternatives will be provided.

Criminal record

In accordance with our child protection policy, you will be asked to provide a recent criminal background check or (2) two letters of reference during the registration process. If these documents are not provided, or if the criminal background check and/or letters of reference we receive about you or any other information you provide make you unacceptable for participating in our programs, we are entitled to refuse to comply with your application. In these circumstances, not refund will be provided to cover our costs of processing your application.


All our volunteer projects require valid travel insurance. You are required to purchase your own insurance coverage and to ensure that the amount and type of coverage is sufficient and appropriate to the period and nature of your project. You must provide us with a copy of your insurance certificate as soon as possible. This insurance should cover, among other things, assistance costs (including repatriation) in case of accident or illness, court fees, lost luggage, canceled flights, medical expenses, liability for bodily injury to you or a third party, cancellation of your placement for any reason beyond our control. Al Youssr does not provide any insurance. When we make suggestions or give information on insurance, this is only as indicative.


Registration fee corresponding to the processing and confirmation of your application are not refundable. However, we are aware that sometimes participants have to cancel their trips for various reasons. It is also important to note that any confirmed registration is deducted from our potential for the same period and commits us to our partners. Therefore, our refund policy for program fees is based on the time between the receiving of the cancellation request and the start date of the project:

  • Cancellation request received in more than 45 days: 100% refund
  • Cancellation request received between 31 and 45 days: 50% refund
  • Cancellation request received between 16 and 30 days: 25% refund
  • Cancellation request received less than 16 days: no refund

All transaction costs, including foreign exchange and other processing fees, will be deducted from repayments.

Absences from the program 

Volunteers can start the program after the date scheduled for their program on the condition to provide sufficient notice to Al Youssr on their late arrival. They are also free to leave the program before the scheduled end for any reason whatsoever. In case of a no-show within two (2) days of the program start date without providing any notice, the volunteer will be deemed to have canceled their participation.

Unauthorized absences of several days for reasons others than illness may be considered as abandonment of the project. Volunteers may not be permitted to re-join the program and may even be required to release the housing provided.

Note that no portion of the program fee will be refunded in case of late arrival, absence, early departure or cancellation.

Problems during your placement

Participants are aware that they are traveling in another country where development and infrastructure standards may differ from those of their home countries. Al Youssr is doing everything possible to provide safe placements and housing, however, you acknowledge that volunteering requires flexibility and understand that things may be subject to changes without notice in case of unforeseen circumstances.

You understand that some risks may occur during your volunteer trip, such as accident or illness. You are responsible for taking all common sense measures as an independent traveler to protect your safety. Your coordinator will give you support and help when needed, however, Al Youssr can not be held liable for accidents, injuries, loss of personal objects, death or any other risk that you agree to fully assume.

Volunteer Code of Conduct and Children’s Policy

Al Youssr Code of Conduct and Children’s Policy set the standards of behavior expected from all participants in all programs. Each participant will receive a copy of these documents before starting their program. It is your responsibility to read, understand and fully comply with them.

Al Youssr aims to be flexible and understanding to all participants. We will try to help you in your work and support your efforts to overcome any difficulties you may encounter. However, it is the responsibility of all participants in our programs to respect Morocco’s laws, the code of conduct and regulations set up by Al Youssr and/or local partners. This includes, but not limited to, respect for the cultures and beliefs of others, the responsibility in the project, the respect of persons and premises and the avoidance of the use of drugs and other illegal activities. You must show flexibility and initiative and behave appropriately in accordance with the behavior and customs in place. Al Youssr will not accept any responsibility for any participant that contravenes Moroccan laws or the rules in place. Breaking these rules may result in the exclusion from the program without refund.

Every reasonable effort will be made to resolve any disciplinary matter before it becomes serious. However, we reserve the right to take appropriate action in the event of behavior that may offend our staff, partners, projects or other program participants. This includes, but is not limited to, behaviors such as heckling or drunkenness, disobedience to local rules and regulations, non-return to work or leaving work for no adequate reason. It would be at the discretion of Al Youssr to suspend any participant from their work during disciplinary proceedings.

During your program, you are required to take care of any equipment or premises made available to you and are liable for any damage or loss you may cause to such equipment or premises (directly, indirectly or through negligence). Similarly, you are responsible for any damage caused to your accommodation by yourself or your guests.

You understand that Al Youssr works with a network of partners, NGOs and individuals throughout Morocco to help the population and contribute to the development of volunteering in Morocco. To the best of Al Youssr’s knowledge, these third parties are reliable and qualified to perform the tasks entrusted to them. However, Al Youssr reserves the right to modify the agreed program whenever the conditions warrant it or if it deems it necessary for the comfort and safety of the volunteer. Al Youssr cannot be held responsible for damages, losses, delays or irregularities that may result from the behavior of these third parties.

The participant allows Al Youssr to use testimonies, pictures, videos, etc. on its website and social media for the use of promoting its activities and programs. The participant also undertakes not to contact directly any of Al Youssr’s partner organizations or conclude any direct arrangement with these organizations without the written agreement of Al Youssr.

Al Youssr reserves the right to interrupt or modify any aspect of the services provided in case of force majeure or at any time. Circumstances that constitute force majeure include any event that Al Youssr or its partners could not avoid. Notwithstanding any other provision, Al Youssr ‘s liability to the participant will not generally exceed the amount of registration fees paid by them.

The participant agrees to irrevocably release, discharge and agree not to sue Al Youssr, including its agents, employees or members, host families and local partner organizations ( » the released parties ») for any action, prosecution, liability, claims, or other causes of action of any nature whatsoever that may arise from the placement of the participant in a program. Our staff is available to discuss any issue in relation with the volunteer placement and every reasonable effort will be made to resolve any disciplinary matter before it becomes serious.

Financial responsibility

Al Youssr takes no responsibility for the use of third parties’ online payment. In case of disputes,the participant will deal with directly with banks or appropriate institutions, depending on the payment method used by them.


Al Youssr Association for Social Development – Marrakech, Morocco, and you, the participant, are the only parts for the supply of your volunteer placement. The applicable law is the Moroccan law and the Moroccan courts are only competent to settle any dispute that may arise from the progress of your program.

By completing our registration form, you acknowledge and declare that:

  • You are more than 18 years old at the application in the program, you have fully read these terms and conditions, understood them and agree to be bound to them.


  • You are less than (18) eighteen years old at the application in the program, you have received written permission from your parent(s) or legal guardian(s), that the latter(s) accept(s) to be bound by these terms and conditions, that you agree to send us a copy of this permission as soon as possible before the start of your program and that you will be accompanied by a participant adult. You acknowledge that if these conditions are not fulfilled, we are entitled to refuse to comply with your application without possibility of reimbursement of paid fees.